What is forging?

Forging is a process in which a piece of metal is shaped and moulded into the required shape. The desired shape is achieved by heating, manipulating and finishing the metal using forging tools.


Forging processes

There are many different processes used to forge metal. Some of which include:

  • Open die forging.
  • Hot forging.
  • Cold forging.
  • Closed die forging.

You may choose to select your supplier due to the type of forging they offer, or alternatively, once you have chosen to work with them, they may tell you which type of forging will be used to achieve your requirements. There are slight differences between all different methods which is explained below:

Open die forging

This method allows the metal to be placed between multiple ‘dies’ and during the process and a series of movements, the metal is hammered into the shape required.

Hot forging

This process is the hottest manufacturing process to forge metal as it is carried out at a temperature above the recrystallization temperature.

Cold forging

Cold and hot forging are completely opposite methods as this process is carried out at room temperate. Usually, the process begins when the stock is inserted into the closed die.

Why forging?

There are many reasons why companies chose to use forging including:

  • Stronger than castings.
  • Durable and very reliable.
  • Allows a larger amount of heat and pressure to be applied to the forged product.

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