If only I’d hired a Wedding Planner!

At around about the same time we were preparing to launch Bash, a friend named Lindsey was busy planning her own wedding.  We caught up recently and had what turned out to be a very enlightening conversation.  Kindly, she agreed to be featured here on the Bash Blog.

Here’s what Lindsey had to say….

“There’s a calorie count on food and bold, harsh words printed on the back of every packet of cigarettes, but nobody explains what you’re letting yourself in for when you’re planning a wedding.  In my experience, the process should carry a health warning!

Matt and I got engaged in February 2010 and had a year to prepare for and plan the perfect day.  I could envisage the things which were most important.  The venue; a fine country house.  The dress; beautiful.  The stationery; bespoke. I believed that with time on my side, I would coast through the planning process and enjoy every moment.  If only I knew then what I know now!

I’ve built a successful career on the back of prioritising, managing and delivering high profile projects. Meticulous planning and effective management of resources is what I do, but planning your own wedding is very different.  By all means pride yourself on being organised at work, but (and this is a big BUT) planning your wedding isn’t work and neither should it feel like it!  If you’re lucky, it’s a once in a life time experience and is something you should enjoy.  Shouldn’t you? 

The final few weeks of preparation leading to the wedding were for me, some of the most frantic of my life.  With so many people to speak to and outstanding details to be taken care of, it needed all of my attention.

If you’re a busy person and the prospect of taking a four to six week break to unwind and fine tune every detail isn’t even a remote possibility, then there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.  You need an extra pair of hands to get ANYTHING done.  I know this now but I learned it the hard way.

In the build up to the big day…

As well as filling favours, writing seating plans, boxing gifts and clearly labelling what seemed like a million and one little things during the last few (precious) remaining evenings in the build up to the big day, there were other arguably more enjoyable activities I’d have preferred to indulge in.  Time for a massage or a facial would have been very nice indeed!

The day before…

It was only when I called to collect my bouquet I discovered to my absolute horror that the perfect purple orchids I had carefully selected were no longer available.  OK, the Florist should have let me know and I COULD have checked but time had somehow evaporated and without guidance, the florist had improvised….but shall we just say their choice of artificial alternatives were less than satisfactory?  Fake, plastic and garish were not words I had used to describe any aspects of my big day, not at least until that point.  And with such little time to spare, sourcing contingency flowers was the last thing I needed to do.

On the day…  

We’d taken great pride in selecting certain pieces of music which we felt reflected our relationship and were synonymous with some of the most memorable times we’ve shared.  Hence, this carefully constructed collection was downloaded, copied onto CD and posted to our venue, guaranteed to be delivered with time to spare. Or so I thought.  Ticked off my list, this was one less very important thing for me to think about….. until the venue’s Wedding Co-ordinator approached me as I was getting ready and enquired whether or not I’d remembered to bring the music.  She hadn’t received it.  So I spent time during which I might otherwise have enjoyed a glass or two of champagne with my attendants desperately trying to contact ‘back up’ and create a Plan B.

Although the day did turn out to be every bit as wonderful as I had imagined, achieving it was extremely hard work.  On reflection, I completely underestimated how much was involved and I realise things would have been very different if only I’d hired an experienced Wedding Planner to help me.

I enjoyed being involved and wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to take over completely, but I needed someone to fall back on.  Someone I could trust to do some of the leg work, anticipate the hurdles and work with me to take care of all the little details that make such a big difference.  If only!”

Let Bash take care of all the little details that make such a BIG difference

At Bash, we can do all the leg work for you.  Depending on how much involvement you want us to have, we can become your Personal Assistant who does all the calling, ordering and looking after details that you may not have time to deal with.

We believe in defending a couple’s right to have precisely the wedding day you want and as such, challenge those who believe the only way a Wedding Planner can add value is by taking over every aspect.  So we don’t force our ideas upon you, nor do we expect you to hand over the entire planning process.  Instead, we encourage you to enjoy the fun parts of it, whilst taking advantage of a friendly, flexible and affordable range of planning services that you can dip in to as much or as little as you need.

As well as working with you to make sure you stick to your budget and sourcing the best suppliers, we will also guide and advise you on etiquette and protocol and we’ll prevent you from making any embarrassing or costly mistakes.

On the day, we can take care of all the little details that make a BIG difference.  Unlike a venue Wedding Planner or Co-ordinator, we work for YOU and therefore everything we do is in your interest.  It’s our job to make sure you relax because we want you to enjoy every second of your day.

For a friendly chat about how we can help, call 07561 107888 or e-mail helen@your-bash.co.uk

Best Wishes,

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